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Sekishi Recorder Quartet (SRQ) is a non-professional recorder quartet in Hamamatsu, Japan.

Hamamatsu is famous for eels, motorbikes and pianos. Motorcycle companies, Suzuki and Yamaha, have their head offices in this area, and Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda Motor company, also started its first operation in Hamamatsu, before they relocated their headquarter in suburb Tokyo. Musical instrument companies like Yamaha, Kawai and Roland are located in Hamamatsu, too.

The history of SRQ goes back to 1972, when Makoto Nakayama started recorder ensemble with his friends. Nakayama says "It was very hard to find someone who plays the recorder at that time". Nakayama was a member of SRQ until 2008. Yuko Yamada is one of the original members of SRQ and still an active member of SRQ. Yamada was a professional recorder maker and he made recorders for the group. Ryuji Tokunaga, who also makes recorders, joined the group in 1982, Keiji Sone in 1983, and Haruhiko Saito replaced Nakayama in 2008.

"Sekishi" is a name of an area, northern part of Hamamatsu city. In 1984, when the group did not have a name, they had to decide their name to apply for a concert. The members wanted to have some classy name like "Musica ..." but they did not know Latin so they gave up after five minutes of discussion. The second candidate was "Hamamatsu Recorder Quartet" but no one was sure that there wasn't a group "Hamamatsu Recorder Quartet" yet. So, they came up with a name taken from the address of Yamada's house, where they have regular rehearsals - Sekishi.

The repertoire of SRQ includes renaissance music, baroque music, classical, jazz and popular music, and even cartoon music. One of the very unique things of the SRQ is that the members arrange music for themselves. 80 to 90% of their repertoire are recorder music arranged by SRQ.

SRQ uses renaissance recorders (466Hz), baroque pitch recorders (415Hz), and modern pitch recorders (440Hz). Sometimes they use more than 30 reorders in one concert. And, sometimes, once or twice a year, someone picks up a wrong recorder at the concert.


SRQ has about ten concerts each year, including two regular concerts at a church in Hamamatsu. Some of the performances are on YouTube.